In the name of the Blessed Trinity, the Catholic Women Organisation of Nigeria (CWO) is an umbrella body of all women societies, groups, and individuals in the Church. Membership is drawn from women of 18 years and above. It is one of the most important organs of the Church, playing various roles in building the Faith of its members as well as assisting the parish in carrying out its evangelization functions and operates under the patronage of Our Mother of Good Counsel.

The patron Saint of CWO is Mary Mother of Good Counsel, whose feast day is 25th April every year.  


The Catholic Women Organisation Nigeria, Lagos Archdiocese (CWONLA) was founded in May 1964 and formally inaugurated in 1965. It is an affiliate of the Lagos Ecclesiastical Province of the Catholic Women Organisation (LEPCWO), which is an affiliate of the National Council of the Catholic Women Organisation (NCCWO), which in turn is affiliated to the World Union of Catholic Women Organisation (WUCWO).

The CWO was inaugurated in Our Lady of Perpetual Help (OLPH), V.I. in April 2012, and has been very active in supporting the Church in its pastoral activities.

Aims and Objective

  1. To unite all Catholic women of Nigeria in purpose, direction and action in religious, educational, social, cultural and economic fields.
  2. To unite all Catholic women of Nigeria and direct them for the purposes of love, light, unity, and peace amongst them and all people.
  3. To give priority to the Christian formation of all members of the Catholic Women Organisation Nigeria, through an emphasis on unity and deeper understanding and participation in the life of the Church, leading to a greater appreciation of the role of a Christian in today’s world.
  4. To serve as a medium through which the catholic women of Nigeria may speak and act as a unit for the good of the organization, our country, and the world at large.
  5. To render assistance to Catholic women in their efforts to offer service in their respective fields.
  6. To encourage, establish, and maintain inter-religious and intra-religious relationships with other religious organisations sharing similar or complementary aims and objectives in Nigeria and abroad, without compromising the Catholic morals and values.


An umbrella organization, where all members are light to the world, and reflect Love, Unity, and Peace of the kingdom of God.


The mission of the organization is to rally and motivate members to utilize and harness their energy and resources for evangelization and transformation of society by fulfilling their roles in the family, church, and society in the footsteps of Mary the Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ.


  • Monthly meetings: Last Sunday of the month.


  • Monthly open Thanksgiving at all Masses in the Parish: Last Sunday of every month.
  • ‘A Day with May’ (an Archdiocesan CWO programme of retreat/prayer): Last Saturday of every month.
  • Charity visits: Every quarter.
  • Spiritual talk and/or Personal management talk: Last Sunday of every month.


  • Chinwe Iloghalu: 2012-2017
  • Princess Adesuwa Aluyi-Erenyanate: 2017 – 2021
  • Lady Ifeoma Okocha-Ojeah: 2021 –

Our Executives

  • President:

    Lady Ifeoma Okocha-Ojeah

  • Vice-President:

    Lady Mary-Hilda Egonu

  • Secretary

    Mrs. Rosario Osabase

  • Assistant Secretary

    Mrs. Rebecca Nejo

  • Financial Secretary

    Mrs. Chizoba Onuoha

  • Treasurer

    Mrs Natalia Onah

Election of new EXCO members (25th April, 2021)

Our Executives

  • Social Officer

    Mrs. Yvonne Okonkwo

  • Public Relations Officer

    Mrs. Halima Attah

  • Provost

    Mrs. Alice Gomez

  • Faith Formator

    Mrs. Onyinye Okafor

  • Faith Formator

    Sister Chinwe Oragwu

  • Rev. Sr. Adviser

    Rev. Sister Jacinta Otene

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