The Pastoral Councils of the Parish was established to support the Parish Priest and his assistant in the coordination and administration of the Parish.  The establishment of the councils came through the  Archdiocesan guideline of November 29, 2015. The Councils are The Parish Pastoral Council, The Parish Finance Council and The Parish Leity Council. Click to learn more

 The Parish Pastoral Councils of the Parish is one of the councils established under the Pastoral Council guideline of the Archdiocese.  The council is made up of committees also based on the Archdiocesan directive. the committees carryout various functions covering every aspect of the Churches life. The Committees under the PPC are Liturgical, Community Building, Devotional, Welfare and Social Action,  Faith Formation and Education committee. Click to learn more 

Liturgical Committee

The Liturgy Committee assists the Priest with planning and implementing the various aspects of liturgical activities in the parish. Click to Learn More

Community Building Committee

Our community building committee provides support and creates the avenue for interaction among members. Click to Read More

Devotion Committee

Our Devotional Committee is the PPC committee charged with ensuring that prayers, and all spiritual activities of the church continues to grow. Click to Read More

Welfare & Social Action Committee

The welfare committee is responsible for the comfort and well being of parishioner and also takes care of all social activities within the parish. Click to Learn More

Faith & Education Committee

The primary objective of the Parish is to aid salvation, this is achieved by continuous education and development of programs, materials and process that aid the Catholic faith. Click to Learn More

United by Love

In the sacrifice of Christ

 Our Finance Council, composed of members with the appropriate expertise and possessing a love for the Church and its mission,  provide our Priest valuable advice and assistance in the execution of parish financial administration duties. They also help our parish maximize its financial resources and avert potential financial problems. Click to Read More

The Parish Laity Council is charged by the Decree on the Apostolate of the Laity (Apostolicam Actuositatem) with the goal of intensifying the apostolic activity of the laity by promoting the apostolate and coordinating parish lay initiatives. While individual groups are responsible for organizing and directing their own activities, the parish laity council is charged with the coordination and promotion of lay apostolic zeal amongst parishioners. Click to Read More