Dear Brethren,
Our guidelines require that all parishioners and guests must register to attend events and functions in the Parish and, that once anyone is within the premises, we all comply with the guidelines and protocols. This is a necessary part of ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of parishioners and visitors. It is also for ease of management during this period of the Coronavirus pandemic.
We join the Church in praying for an end to the Coronavirus pandemic and also enjoin you to remain safe and do your utmost to protect yourself and others.

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7am Mass

First Mass of the day. Very calm and solemn. Ambient of spirituality and intimacy with God. It usually has less participants compared to other Masses mainly because of the time. Young people and people whose job requires them to be at work on Sundays prefer this time, this includes health workers, and other frontline line workers.

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9am Mass

Second Mass of the day. This is the most activity packed mass. Spirituality connected with great songs from the parish choir. It usually has more participants compared to other Masses. This Mass is also streamed live via our YouTube channel and on this website. Most society and group meetings start after this mass.

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11am Mass

The last Mass of the day. Can only be described as relaxed. While the timeslot allocated for the mass is strictly maintained, it is usually calm and not hurried since no other mass comes after. workers on night duty like doctors and nurses prefer this Mass as it gives them time to rest after work before proceeding to church. 

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